Since our inception, we have had a proven track record of successful agency partnerships.  Our exclusive technology and product offerings coupled with the only truly Omni-Channel platform help your clients efficiently and effectively reach and excite relevant audiences.

Why Omni-Channel?


Combines all Digital Screens

XPS is the only platform that combines OLV, OTT & DOOH with other digital screens, making us the only true Omni-Channel platform.

Shared User Data

Our Omni-Channel approach allows us to share user data across all screens to best target your audience.


Frequency Capping

Using shared data across all screens, we are able to frequency cap across all devices to ensure that your audience doesn't get over-targeted.

Sequential Messaging

Our Omni-Channel approach allows us to strategically target your audience with sequential messaging across all devices to identify where we can be most effective.

Our Exclusive Products

We offer a full suite of exclusive products that allow us to custom-tailor the best Omni-Channel strategy for your clients. 


TruEngage is our fully customizable, interactive video pre-roll unit that guarantees 100% viewable and human verified interactions.

DOOH Integrations

Our partnerships give you access to exclusive digital-out-of-home integrations that allow you to diversity where you are targeting your audience.

Unique Pricing Models

Because of our publisher integrations and Omni-Channel approach, we are able to offer unique pricing models such as Cost Per Brand Percentage Lift, CPC and CPA for Direct Response campaigns, and more.

...and more!

We Outperform the Industry

.36% CTR

4x+ higher than the industry average


video completion rate

213MM+ Uniques

(via comScore)

Benefits of Direct-to-Publisher Distribution

We have spent almost a decade building and maintaining relationships with the best publishers for every single digital screen.  Our relationships mean that you get the benefits of direct-to-publisher integrations for all of your campaigns.  We do the work so you don't have to.

Content Integration

Our direct publisher relationships allow you to advertise with custom content integrations, which include high-impact placements and takeovers.

First Ad-Call

We work with our publishers and platforms to ensure that our clients ads run on premium, first ad-call inventory.


Transparency & Brand Safety

We ensure transparency and brand safety for your clients.  We use 3rd party integrations to monitor all our campaigns for fraud and hand-selected site lists to give you full control.

No Exchange Inventory

We custom-curate all our site lists and only run ads through our trusted and established publisher relationships.  This means that you'll never find your ads running on questionable sites off exchanges.