Headquartered in Los Angeles, PK4 Media is the advertising industry’s first Omni-Channel Media Company. Controlled through our proprietary technology platform, PK4 Media is able to serve, monitor and report on display and video creative across all digital distribution channels, including Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, CTV, VOD, In-Mall, In-Theater, DOOH and more. Founded in 2009, PK4 Media’s clients include companies such as ABC, Activision, Amazon, Bacardi, Esurance, Ford, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and others.

Our success is derived from the six pillars that form the core of our company. They are embodied in every employee and every relationship with our partners:



We are “ad technologists” at the forefront of bringing innovative technology to the digital media industry. Our technology is built in-house from the ground up and proves our commitment to continually engineer technological advancements and ideas that increase efficiencies and results.



Our focus is to unify and break down the silos in the digital advertising industry for our clients. We believe that an Omni-Channel approach is needed to realize the true value of a media strategy – fully integrating all platforms within the full media mix.



Our clients are busy – we unburden them by providing solutions that are simple to understand and implement, always with a focus on efficiency and maximizing return.



Our company is nimble and always pressing forward to beat the curve. Our people are smart, swift and flexible. We built our company organically and answer only to our clients and ourselves – not investors. We offer small business agility with big business assurance.



Our business model is founded in ethics, and focused on integrity. It guides the way we work with clients and together as a team. We continually strive to be a model partner and an employer of choice. Transparency and brand safety come standard. We believe in honesty in advertising. Really.



We ensure every facet of our business is positioned for maximum response and performance. Through our technologies, our long-term relationships, and our expert team, we generate tangible successes for clients.