What is TruEngage?

TruEngage uses fully customizable technology to create interactive video overlay on top of video pre-roll, delivering unforgettable and meaningful brand engagements with your audience.  Due to the nature of TruEngage's custom create unit, impressions are guaranteed to be 100% viewable and 100% human.

Why TruEngage?

  • Engaged audience: Users average up to 6 seconds of engagement with your brand
  • 100% viewable: TruEngage is bought on user engagement; users can't complete an engagement they can't see
  • Above industry standard: TruEngage has 100% of pixels on screen and up to 6 seconds of interaction time (industry standard is 50% of pixels for 1 second)
  • Audience engagement = brand win: 57% increase in favorability, 6x retargeting performance, 8x CTR compared to industry standard


  • Retargeting: Users who engage can be retargeted, driving an ROI of up to 7:1
  • 100% verified human audience: Only pay for engagements by real humans
  • Premium placement: TruEngage campaigns deliver performance that surpass the highest benchmarked interactive pre-roll campaigns through high impact placements on premium publishers