Digital Advertising and Beyond

XPS® is PK4 Media’s propriety cross-platform technology, which controls all aspects of a digital advertising campaign. XPS is built from the ground up using a mixture of Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Ember.js running on Amazon Web Services using Docker containers to manage deployments. Our full suite of products across multiple platforms allows us to use an omni-channel media approach to effectively lift brand metrics.


The Future

Although legacy technology still supports much of the advertising industry, XPS® is looking to the future. With a modular design and a bleeding edge feature set, almost anything is possible.


In the competitive technology sector, attracting and retaining key talent is as important as ever. PK4 Media’s technology team is made up of veterans from some of the industry’s most iconic names.


In 5 years, PK4 Media has been through 7 iterations of its core technology. That is relentless innovation.