PK4 Media Acquires Leading Engagement-Based Video Asset, TruEngage

PK4 Media’s omni-channel technology empowers brands to reach relevant users through all digital screens.

Los Angeles, CA – March, 6 2017 – PK4 Media, the advertising industry’s premiere Omni-Channel Media Company, today announced the company has officially acquired leading engagement-based video platform, TruEngage, from Are You a Human. By implementing their current offerings with TruEngage’s engagement technology, PK4 Media will continue to generate substantial success for clients, while raising the industry standard.

TruEngage uses fully customizable technology to create an interactive overlay on top of video pre-roll for desktop placements. Consumers are given the option to skip the pre-roll and advance to their content more quickly by actively engaging with the overlay. This allows brands to encourage consumers to virtually test out a product, creating a lasting impression and increased brand awareness.

“TruEngage is a win-win solution for both brands and consumers,” explains Tom Alexander, CEO, PK4 Media. “TruEngage allows users to skip pre-roll ad placements and enjoy their content more quickly, while allowing brands to capture new user interactions.”

“PK4 is a taking a groundbreaking approach to video,” stated Ben Trenda, CEO, Are You a Human. “The most prevalent content monetization model today involved interrupting a person as they find their way to content they actually want, in order to show them an advertisement for a product they most likely don’t want or need. PK4’s acquisition of TruEngage aligns a person’s desire to more quickly find valuable content with the desire of brands and media companies to capture just a little bit of that person’s attention. This alignment is not only valuable for real people, but also for the producers and sponsors of premium content.”

PK4 Media leverages display, video and custom creative opportunities allowing brands to reach their target audience on premium placement, focusing on early ad-call strategies. TruEngage will add an additional layer of data to PK4 Media’s omni-channel campaigns.

By using TruEngage for their pre-roll campaigns, brands reach their audiences using custom engagements and only pay for users who opt-in and complete those engagements. Due to the nature of TruEngage’s custom creative unit, impressions are guaranteed to be 100% viewable and human.