PK4 Media Announces First Omni-Channel Media Solution

Media Company Is First To Launch Omni-Channel Capabilities For Advertisers

Los Angeles, CA – July 21, 2016 – PK4 Media, a technology-driven media company, has announced its launch of the advertising industry’s first Omni-Channel media solution. This is the first time brand advertisers are able to combine and seamlessly optimize their campaigns across Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, ConnectedTV (CTV), Video-On-Demand (VOD), In-Mall, In-Theater, and Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH). This holistic approach to advertising channels allows brands to reach their target audiences across all forms of media grounded through PK4 Media’s proprietary XPS technology solution.

“As more traditional media placements become digitized, it is important for PK4 Media to consistently evolve. Our goal is to empower brands to better connect with their target audience. As the types of placements advance, so does the messaging and the way we connect with our client’s audiences.” said Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO of PK4 Media.

PK4 Media has a deep background in cross-platform advertising, focusing on premium integrations through their direct-to-publisher relationships. This Omni-Channel focus is ideal for multiple touch points through a user’s experience, allowing brands more control over all forms of digital creative, media, and data.

“This Omni-Channel approach allows us to monitor and execute our client’s performance metrics to each media channel, all through one unified system. Connecting all screens and sharing data across those placements allows us to collectively demonstrate the effectiveness of our media strategies,” said Josh Beane, CEO of Idea Farmer. Idea Farmer has been an early adopter of this universal media approach by PK4 Media.

As the advertising industry progresses and consumers expect a seamless experience across all of their digital channels; breaking down the media planning silos will allow brands to connect with their users in a more meaningful way, regardless of where they are.

PK4 Media is the first digital advertising company to offer these highly targeted and trackable options for brands.

Brand and Agencies can learn more about XPS® and the benefits of cross-channel marketing by visiting