PK4 Media Announces The Availability Of Site-By-Site Reporting For Ultimate Transparency

New Client Advertisers Can Access The List of Sites That Their Creative Runs On

Los Angeles, CA – June 2, 2015 – PK4 Media, a cross-platform technology company, today announced the availability of site-by-site reporting, offering new client advertisers transparency and details on exactly which sites their advertising creative runs on. Client advertisers can login to their XPS™ dashboard and access the full list of sites for a campaign, including specific performance metrics for each site. Current PK4 Media clients will have access to site-by-site reporting by third quarter 2015 with the release of system upgrades to the company’s premium Demand-Side Platform (DSP), XPS™.

“Site-by-site reporting is the industry benchmark that brand advertisers have been waiting for to achieve ultimate transparency with their digital advertising campaigns,” said Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO, PK4 Media. “Our technologists have worked tirelessly to create a system that provides our clients with a granular level of reporting.”

In addition to site-by-site reporting, brand advertisers also benefit from PK4 Media’s unique targeting abilities by creating custom site lists. Advertisers can provide a designated “black list,” to guarantee that creative will not run on those specific sites. White listing is also available and is comprised of relevant, preferred, or approved sites for creative to run. Additionally, closed site lists ensure creative will only run within designated sites, while open site lists include a custom targeted site list plus other similar, relevant sites.

“PK4 Media provides its clients with both efficiency and effectiveness cross-platform. Site-by-site reporting is another example of our transparent approach to digital advertising that allows our clients to make informed decisions,” added Alexander.