PK4 Media Introduces Rotational Wallpaper To Its High Impact Placement (HIP) Suite Of Display Media Options

Display Format Provides Maximum Brand Exposure and Simple Execution

Los Angeles, CA – January 27, 2015 – PK4 Media, a performance-based digital media company, today introduced a rotational wallpaper display format, a new method for advertisers to expand their brand messaging to their target audience. This high impact placement solution also benefits publishers by providing their readers with relevant and timely advertisements. PK4 Media’s propriety technology, XPS™, delivers the wallpaper through seamless technology integration. The creative can easily be changed multiple times per day and the campaign can include frequency capping to avoid creative fatigue and achieve campaign results. Available now with premium publishers in a variety of verticals, demographics, language, and audience profiles, rotational wallpaper consists of clickable webpage skins targeted to a single user. Rotational wallpaper can be behaviorally targeted and combined with 100% SOV for a specific segment to create an even larger impact and generate maximum brand equity.

“We are constantly innovating the way digital advertising is being delivered and creating new, efficient methods for our client advertisers and publishers to deploy impactful campaigns,” said Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO, PK4 Media. “Our brand clients and publishers have told us high impact placements are difficult to execute, so we focused on eliminating this pain point. Advertisers can now quickly launch effective and highly targeted campaigns with maximum brand exposure on premium sites.”

Rotational wallpaper is part of PK4 Media’s High Impact Placement Suite, which also includes roadblocks and homepage takeovers. The company delivers highly targeted digital advertising through its cross-platform technology, XPS™, across online, tablet and mobile devices. XPS also protects brands by default. Third-party brand safety, viewability tracking and site list transparency come standard with every impression. PK4 Media’s account teams work with client advertisers to determine the best strategy for their campaign goals, monitor and optimize campaigns from beginning to end, and report the results.