PK4 Media Signs Video News Service Newsy As New Content Partner In The Bishop™ Video Platform

Los Angeles, CA – October 11, 2012 – Recognizing the critical importance of quality content to the success of video advertising, PK4 Media announces a deal to bring more content to its Bishop™ Video Platform. Video news service Newsy is PK4 Media’s newest content partner, now feeding an average of 200 news videos per week to the Bishop content library. Newsy is a video news service that allows users to compare news sources from around the world to see how a story unfolds.

PK4 Media is a digital media company that delivers highly targeted online advertising and video content to websites. The company’s patent-pending Bishop Video Platform is comprised of an ad-supported video player, a video content library and a distribution network of more than 1,000 quality hand-selected websites. The platform gives content creators a distribution channel to monetize their videos through a revenue share system that rewards coveted content.

“Partnering with PK4 Media is a great opportunity for Newsy to deliver our short, engaging videos to a wider audience, allowing viewers a convenient way to consume news from multiple sources around the world,” explains Newsy President Jim Spencer. “With a commitment to innovation, Newsy videos now include infographics and social media content, making them more insightful and relevant than ever.

Using its proprietary technology, Newsy’s editorial team researches how hundreds of news sources are covering a story, then writes and produces a Newsy video that offers users unique perspectives they won’t find elsewhere. By constantly monitoring the topics that are trending, Newsy provides the news users want and need to know. Newsy videos are available on its website,, on mobile devices and distributed across the Internet.

“Our model is centered on the procurement, distribution and development of premium video content as carriers of brand advertisers’ relevant messages to qualified target audiences online,” said PK4 Media CEO Tom Alexander. “With Newsy’s news videos on the Bishop platform, our publisher partners can easily access an ongoing stream of fresh, quality content that users want.”