Marching Penguin And PK4 Media Team Up To Win First Ever West Coast Storycode Hackathon

Los Angeles, CA – August 26, 2013 – Marching Penguin, the first advertising agency dedicated to online video production and distribution, and PK4 Media, a digital media solutions company, joined forces to win the first-ever LA Storycode Hackathon held at Createasphere’s TransVergence Summit in Hollywood on August 7-8, 2013. The team’s hack was built around a mock dating insurance company called HeartBreak Dating Insurance.

Selected from hundreds of online submissions and up against 4 other teams, the hackers only had 24 hours to design a cohesive narrative spanning three or more technological platforms and execute a single one.

Their story began with a live “TEDtalk style” presentation from Dr. Matsumoto, a great inventor. After too many dating failures, Dr. Matsumoto wanted to create a way to predict the outcome of a date. The team produced a hilarious promo video describing the newest way to protect you from dating life and built an actual web/mobile site for the product. Transvergence Summit attendees could even log into the website using Facebook Connect to get their “WTF” Score – Willingness to Fall in Love and see their potential dating matches. Watch the video and see the site at

“We’re so happy Stan Dyro from PK4 Media was able to join our hackathon team,” said Jordi Matsumoto, Founder and CEO of Marching Penguin. “Together we were able to develop a fictional narrative that not only entertained the Transvergence Summit attendees, but integrated multiple technology platforms.”

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