PK4 Media Launches Cross-Platform Technology Solution

One System Controls All For Efficient Digital Media Buying of Display and Video Advertising Across Online, Mobile and Tablet Devices

Los Angeles, CA – November 5, 2013 – PK4 Media, a performance-based digital media company, today announced the launch of XPS™, their proprietary cross-platform technology solution that effortlessly deploys and optimizes display and video creative across online, mobile and tablet distribution platforms. XPS efficiently analyzes targeting data, while effectively optimizing campaigns across any screen to find the most relevant users to engage with the advertiser’s brand.

“We’re living in an extremely diverse online advertising ecosystem and advertisers need the ability to optimize their campaigns and deliver creative on a myriad of devices,” said Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO, PK4 Media. “We built our cross-platform technology in-house from the ground up to help agencies and brands find the right audience at the right time, no matter what device the user is viewing the content on.”

XPS serves any form of digital advertisement on any capable device and offers a streamlined buying process for both display and video. With unified buying, XPS automatically optimizes delivery of display and video advertising to the best performing placements by site, day, geo, device and more. Advertisers also have the option to use segmented buying specific to inventory, platform and more to focus on campaign objectives and ROI goals.

PK4 Media’s Bishop Video Platform, its proprietary syndication technology built for content creators, publishers and advertisers to manage, distribute and monetize quality video content, has been integrated with XPS, so one system truly controls all.